attraction money spells

money attraction spells

In this world every one wants to live a better life and every one wants to be successful in any Circumstance it would be,This is because of the planet of good fortune,and because of the planet of magic and fulfilled wishes.

Your belief in what you are doing that it can, and will work. It is about what your goals are, and what your intent is. Also it is important that you pick spells that feel uniquely right for you. This will heighten their effectiveness,Money, finance, wealth and luck It might be easier to think of this section under the title of Resources. Most of us need or at least imagine that we need more money or the wherewithal to do more with our lives and the spells in this section are designed to help you do just that. Mainly they will help you to move away from the so-called ‘poverty mentality’ and perhaps help you to realize that you deserve to be rewarded for living according to your principles.
Attracting extra money.Money attraction spell

This is a representational spell since the money in your pocket is representative of a greater fortune. Use this only at the time of a New Moon and make sure you are in the open air. It is said that the spell is negated if the Moon is seen through the glass. In previous times the Moon was recognized as much as the Sun as being the bringer of good luck. This spell acknowledges that and allows you to make use of her power. It is said to ensure that you have at least enough for bed and board until the next New Moon.

A modern day adaptation of an ancient formula, this spell ensures that you always have the necessities of life, such as
somewhere to stay and enough to eat. Because it becomes part of your everyday environment, you simply need to refresh the ingredients when you feel the time right. Though this spell has no particular time frame, the more confident you become in your own abilities the quicker it will work.

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