Gypsy love spellslove spells to find a prospective mate

Love spells to find a prospective Mate

If you are trying to choose a mate from several equally appealing people, try
using the Gypsy pendulum. Gypsy shuvanis often use pendulums, especially
for divining information on health problems. They often keep one they have
made tucked into their
(pouches) or hanging around their necks. You
can create a pendulum by carving a piece of wood or bone and fastening it to
a length of cord, then decorating it with magical symbols. You can also write
the names of potential mates on a sheet of paper, with the names going out
from the center like a star. Make sure that no name is directly opposite an-
other. Then, go to the woods and find an acorn. Tie the acorn on the end of a
nine-inch length of red silk thread and hold the end of the thread so that the
acorn hangs down like a pendulum. Sit with it suspended over the center of
the paper, just off the surface. Say aloud each of the names written on the paper.
Then, clearing your mind of them, concentrate on having the ideal mate.
The pendulum will start to swing back and forth, along the line of one of the
names. This is the one who is right for you. If it should swing exactly between
two names, then write just those two names on another piece of paper—one
horizontally and the other vertically—and try again. It will then swing along
Another old Gypsy way of deciding between suitors is to write each name
on a slip of paper and roll the slip into a ball of clay. Then drop the balls into a
cauldron of spring water. The ball that first rises to the surface carries the name
of the true love. +27788635586

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