Healing Spellshealing spells and charms

Healing spells and charms

Healing spells and charms
Within this type of spell, it is wise to go beyond the presenting symptoms and to
ask for healing on all levels of existence – physical, mental and spiritual – because
the practitioner may not have the knowledge or correct information to enable
him to diagnose a condition correctly. The natural energies and specific vibrations
are enhanced by invocations, incantations and blessings wherever appropriate.
Frequently, objects such as crystals are charged with energy and power to
focus healing or other energies in a quite specific way, often to remind the
patient’s body of its own ability to heal itself.

This spell can be used to attract love or to draw a companion
closer. It should be started on the night of a New Moon. It is
representational in that the cruet set suggests a pairing, and
also uses color, There are several spells which make use of the idea that two people
must travel along a set path. This one is used to signify the path of
love. It also suggests in the tying and untying of the ribbon, the
freedoms there are in the relationship
To rekindle your lover’s interest
This technique is worth trying when your lover is not paying
you enough attention. You are using the laurel leaves to back
up the energy that you are putting into making the
relationship work. This spell uses herbal and elemental magic.
Again this is a spell which must allow the person who you are targeting choices. To keep your partner by your side if they are unhappy would not be right. This spell does allow you to give careful consideration as to what fidelity and security you require within a relationship.
This spell is demonstrated how different herbs used in
similar ways can bring about different results.

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