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Energy Healing magic

Energy Healing magic

This ritual is particularly effective for removing the effects of spite or unfair criticism or a destructive encounter that has shaken your confidence.Herbs have been used for healing since time immemorial in cultures all over the world. In herbal medicine, the herbs whose properties alleviate a particular illness or state of mind are taken internally or applied to the physical body externally.

However,in healing magic, light and healing energies are transmitted through colour, crystals, herbs, oils and incenses and used as a focus for transferring healing energies to trigger the body and mind’s own immune system, through visualisation and telepathic waves.

Benefits of energy healing

In this way, healing magic is akin to spiritual healing.By directing the natural restorative energies of the Earth, nature and the cosmos towards a sick or distressed person, animal or place through mind or soul flow, I can stimulate and amplify their self healing powers.A number of witches are formally trained in the healing arts, using both conventional methods,But only the chosen one can perform healing magic.Witches may also be members of healing associations, and conventional medicine and increasingly  the value of alternative and much older methods.

Mama Radi can carry out healing with the sick person present, by directing the light and energies towards that person. This can be done, for example, through a candle flame set between you. Mama Radi can circle a pendulum over the head, sunwise to remove pain for whole-body healing or to ease a painful place, and clockwise to restore energies. If the subject is absent, Mama Radi can visualise it and send.

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